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Monday, March 13, 2017

Powerful Way To DDoS Attack & Crash a Website Effectively In 2017

Teaching you the easy and simple tutorial on How To DDoS an IP address or website and crash it. Using this effective trick you can easily hack almost all low-security websites very easily. Follow the step by step tutorial. 

Hackers are two types, some are born for it and some learns it naturally. Every hacker begins with small hacking methods and tricks and later they start they their big projects in hacking.

So for beginners in the hacking field, I am here sharing you the easy trick to DDoS any IP address or website which results in the crashing of the website.

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    What The Hell Is DDoS Attacking? 

    Some of them might think or they hearing this name for the first time. For them, i am gonna tell you a  short explanation about What Is DDoS Attacking and How They Work?

    Every Websites are hosted on a web server. Their website server have their limitation of capacity to handle the requestions from the connection 

    So when we perform the DDoS attack, the Web Server, overload with multiple and continuous requests from this DDoS attack and it can't handle all of it at a time, which results in the Webserver to shut down on down the web server by the effect of it. 

    Hope, you understand about the DDoS attacking.

    In this tutorial, we are sharing the steps to perform DDoS attacking for a small bandwidth web server.

    How To DDoS a Website/IP Using LOIC Automatic Software 2017

    LOIC stands for Low Orbit Ion Canon. This is the best software for DDoS attacking.

    #1. First download the software using this link: Download LOIC Software

    #2. Extract the Software and open the software by double clicking on it, no need of installation at all.

    #3.  Enter The Victim's Website URL in the first box and press Lock ON button

    #4. You can also enter the IP address of that website, it's an optional step. 

    Hacking Tricks:

    #5. Below the TCP/UDP Message, you can enter your own custom message which displays on the web server after hacking.

    #6. Below the Port Option, enter "80"

    #7. Under the Method option, select UDP from it,

    #8. Under the Thread Value, if you have best performance high capacity computer, you can enter 20, or else if you have a normal computer go for the default value 10.

    #9. After setting all the steps mentioned above, just press the IIMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER button and the attacking process will start immediately.

    #10. You need to run the attacking process for a minimum of 1-2hr after that just visit the victim website.

    Bingo!! You can see the website showing Server Unavailable. 

    Video Tutorial - Attacking A Website Using DDoS


    So this is the tutorial on the topic " How To Crash a Website Using DDoS Attacking Using The Website URL Or IP Address In 2017 Very Easily ". Here we completed the tutorial. Hope you guys enjoyed it.

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